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Environmental Grafitti has a gallery of Nigeria's Floating Slum in Lagos. The photos are inspiring yet heartbreaking, and depict daily life in this harsh environment. Shacks sit atop rickety stilts while flotillas of trash slowly drift past down below. Crowds of people paddle past through the stagnant waters in boats, and foul smells fill the air while the baking sun beats down. And yet, in this sprawling floating slum, where basic human needs are barely met, the people refuse to succumb to despair despite the hardships they face.
I recently had the opportunity to help with a portion of the Waiting Travelling Exhibition, through PhotoVoice in Scotland. I participated in one of the excursions to Fairbridge Glasgow, which eventually became part of the exhibition. It was a true joy to meet and work with these young people, most of whom were homeless. Photography was a unique way to reach them. The experience allowed me to take something I’m comfortable with (photography) and combine it with something I’m not comfortable with (disadvantaged youth).
Apr.17.2011 has posted an amazing photo essay entitled EPIDEMIC: TB in the Global Community by David Rochkind. The WHO estimates that one third of the world’s population is infected with the bacteria that can cause TB and that nearly 1.8 million people die from the disease every year. The photos are also being used as part of an educational project about TB at
The Art of Photography Show 2011 is a world-class international exhibition of photographic art which will occur August 13 – October 16 at the elegant two-level Lyceum Theatre Gallery, a perfect venue for exhibiting a large showcase of photography. We are very pleased that our esteemed judge for 2011 is Anne Lyden, the Associate Curator of Photography at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.
National Photo & Essay Contest to Spotlight School Building Conditions

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